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Welcome to my tech blog bredren and sistren, kings and queens of the digital age. No matter which philosophy structures your life, no matter where you are born or how much you have, one thing is always true: knowledge empowers you to overcome struggles. If you are part of the curious beings among us, you may find something interesting here.

Software is like our hearts: Best wide open and shared with the community.

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Internet Security

Kevin Mitnick at CeBIT Global Conferences 2015

Kevin Mitnick inspired me and many others to play around with different technologies and figure things out. We have a long and proud tradition of hacking in Germany, with our very own heros but Mr. Mitnicks is a entertaining legend and made us believe that we can change the world. He tought us that the single most powerful hacking tool lies not within software or code, rather then a cheeky social hack. Learn from the master at CeBIT Global Conferences 2015.

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