Bob Marley

Bob Marley is without a doubt one of the greatest Reggae artists of all time and one of the greatest singers and songwritters of the 20th century. He infused his music with a sense of spirituality and is one of the main reasons why Reggae became beloved by so many around the globe.

Born as Robert Nesta Marley on 6 Februry 1945 in Nine Mile, Jamaica, he began his professional musical career in 1963, after forming the group Bob Marley and the Wailers with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. They released the first studio album "The Wailing Wailers" in 1965, which contained the single "One Love/People Get Ready". They released 11 further studio albums until the early 1970s in a period where all the members converted to be Rastas.

Through the release of the albums "Catch a Fire" and "Burnin'" in 1973 they became worldwide stars but the group disassembled one year later due to artistic controversies.

After releasing "Natty Dread" in 1974 and "Rastaman Vibration" in 1976 Bob survived an assassination attempt at his home in Jamaica, which led him to relocate to London to work on his next studio album "Exodus", released in 1977.

In 1977 Bob was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer which caused his death in 1981 on the height of his career. His greatest hits album "Legend" (1984) became the best-selling Reggae album of all time, while Bob himself is one of the best-selling music artists of all time with estimated &5 million records worldwide.

His legacy could not be stopped by his bodily death, he left 12 children and at least 19 grandchildren of whom an amazing numbers became noteable Reggae artists by their own right: Damian, Ziggy, Stephen, Ky-Mani and Julian Marley in the first generation and in recent years followed by Skip, Jo Mersa, Daniel Bambaata, KJ Marley. Rasta Nuh Dead!