Lady Saw

The Queen of Dancehall is well know for her explicit lyrics and outstanding spitting skills as a DJ and MC. The repertoire of this real big woman trancents pure slackness and covers serious issues as well as party bangers. She is the first female deejay to be certified as a triple-platinum and Grammy Award–winning artist.

Born as Marion Hall on 12 Juli 1972 in Galina, St. Mary, Jamaica, she began performing in the age of 15 heavily influenced by "Tenor Saw" with his legendary dancehall anthem "Ring di Alarm".

After moving to Kingston she had her first hits with "If him lef" and "Find a good man". Her first studio album "Lover Girl" was released in August 1994 which featured another hit "Stab Up De Meat"

Her second album "Give me a Reason" became known for its explicit sexual lyrics with songs like "Life Without Dick", "Name Nuh Stand Fi Sex", "Good Wuk" and "Condom".

The 2004 album "Strip Tease" featured hits like "I've Got Your Man" which gained worldwide success as well as "Man is Least" and "Looser". The 2007 album "Walk Out" covered serious issues as "No Less Than a Woman (Infertility)" and spawned the much beloved "Chat To Mi Back".

On December 15 2015 she underwent a Baptism and stated a little later she will no longer identify herself as "Lady Saw", but instead as Minister Marion Hall. She also noted that she will not perform dancehall music anymore, but instead she will begin a new music career in gospel music.