Pressure Busspipe

Pressure is part of the new Reggae movement. His commitment as Rastaman for the Rastafari movement lead to many great tunes and make him a great teacher for those who are willing to listen. After being shot he organized a peace concert in St. Thomas in August 2013

Born as Delyno Brown on 5 August 1981 in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands he started his artistic career in the late 1990s with the "Star Lion" sound system which led to his debut album "The Pressure Is On" in 2005. Legendary produces Don Corleon remixed Pressures "Love and Affection" in 2007 which subsequently became a big hit in Jamaica.

In 2009 he released his third album "Coming back for you" and on the follow up in 2012 "Africa Redemption" he worked in Miami the the great Damian and Stephen Marley. 2014 he released "The Sound" and "Red Rose" reached the top ten of the Billboard Top Reggae Albums in 2016. His latest album is "Rebel with a Cause".