Sister Nancy

Sister Nancy, aka Muma Nancy became famous as the first female dancehall DJ. Her song "Bam Bam" is a timeless classic reggae anthem and is featured in countless songs.

Born as Ophlin Russell on 2 January 1962 in Kingston, Jamaica in a conservative household as one of 15 kids. Her elder brother Robert "Brigadier Jerry" Russel is a dancehall legend well known for his cultural lyrics. She was repeatedly dissuaded from DJing and encouraged to pursue Christian music by her father.

She recorded her first single "Papa Dean" in 1980 and was the first female DJ performing at the Reggae Sunsplash festival as well as the first female Jamaican DJ to tour internationally. Her debut album "One Two" was released in 1982 and she had further success with her singles "Money Can't Buy Me Love", "Bam Bam" and later on with "A No Any Man Can Test Sister Nancy" and "Jah Mek Us Fe A Purpose" featuring Yellowman.

In 1996 she relocated to New Jersey, USA working in the banking sector, pausing her musical career. Nevertheless she was a major role model for a successive generation of female acts, including Lady Saw, Sister Carol and Macka Diamond.

In 2007 her second album was released, featuring four original compositions, as well as four instrumental versions of the prior songs.